Video Brochure

As opposed to printed literature and static images on the CD or on the web, a video brochure is live, dynamic, informative and engaging. We have expertise in creating highly impactful video brochures that capture a viewer’s attention, engage him and convert him at the first presentation. Comprehensive, yet compacted to remain within the limits of attention span, our video brochures created by multimedia professionals and programmers are also interactive, informative, detailed and world class, covering product demos, corporate presentations and service offerings.

Corporate Presentation

A corporate presentation can make or break a deal. Turn to our multimedia experts, content experts and programmers to devise a well conceived, strategically thought out and perfectly implemented corporate presentation that is gripping from start to finish, contains all the facts, impresses and delivers the intended results. We can deliver dynamic, interactive corporate presentations in whatever format is convenient, suitable for hi-def DVD presentation to a scaled web presentation aligned with internet speeds for flawlessly smooth operation.

Flash intro

Flash intros are ubiquitous and indispensable in defining the first impressions of a first time visitor to your website, engaging him and leading him to explore more. Highly dynamic, impressive with arresting visuals and the correct flow of well thought out and integrated text and images, our flash intros are innovative, customized and tell the whole story at a glance.

Product presentation

Whether it is a product or a service, getting customers hinges on how well you present it and stress its advantages and emphasize the reasons why it is worthwhile going in for your product. Our product presentation expert team comprises of psychologists, media consultants, multimedia experts, video experts and programmers whose combined skills result in a product presentation that keeps viewers engaged and at the end, convinced.

Multimedia web solutions

A website today is more than a static page on the screen. The web browser is the starting point to a rich exploratory experience, including video, audio, text and graphics. Our multimedia web solutions enrich and raise your web to a new level with rich, interactive content and design. Whether it is flash, animation, video or a blend of all and more, our team can deliver unrivalled multimedia web solutions at the best prices, tailored to your requirement, business objective and the target audience redefining the way webs are used.