Mobile Solutions

Mobile applications development

Smartphones and tablets are now equipped with high speed processors, lots of RAM and storage and are increasingly being used by corporate organizations as a preferred platform for business operations. Our mobile applications development services leverage the power of mobile devices and by customizing, offer a new level of enhanced efficiency and productivity as well as better use of some unique features of mobile devices such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer, NFDs, bar code scanner and more. Contact us to know how our mobile applications development transforms business operations and results in lowered cost and greater convenience.

Mobile games development

High powered mobile devices with larger touchscreens and fast GPUs make gaming a new experience altogether. Our mobile games development team can deliver customized purely entertaining games or informational or even educational games customized according to your specs, with device and platform independent operability. We use latest tools and software to ensure high quality, richly rendered, powerful and in-depth games that work seamlessly on iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows and on any screen size.

Mobile site creation

Given that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used by corporate executives and individuals alike to connect to the web, it is only natural that websites be modified to work smoothly on varying screen sizes of different devices. Our expertise in fast, easily accessed, highly secure mobile versions of your websites increase your rankings and popularity. We can create personal websites to full scale e-commerce websites adjusted for mobile operation.

Mobile portals development

A fresh approach keeping the mobile devices’ limitations as well as capabilities in mind makes our mobile portal development stand out for ease of use and navigation. Mobile portal development factors in information architecture, text optimization, cross resolution optimized design implementation, XHTML MP profile compatible with WML, CMS and database integration, cross browser compatibility and seamless operation on all OS along with automatic identification to port the right version of the website to the device on which it is used.

Mobile ebooks creation

As mobile screen sizes grow larger, reading e-books gains in popularity. We factor in each OS navigation features and usability in our mobile e-books creations so that it becomes a breeze for a user to read lengthy books. Swiping, sliding, flipping pages, zooming, scrolling all become effortless. Our programming automatically resizes screen page and font size for best legibility. We can take it a step further by incorporating graphics and photos in your e-books with perfectly designed cover pages, in the ebook format of your choice.